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Dental Implant Materials
Dentist Rochester

Dental Implants are a step forward toward dental care. They provide evidence that you are trying to improve your lifestyle and ensure that your teeth are well-taken care of. While that is a great move toward self-care, the intricacy of the situation steers toward the material you are placing in your mouth.

While all materials used are safe, variations in comfort, overall look, functionality, and better-adapting capabilities diverge. Dr. Ruchlin and at Stephen L Ruchlin DDS will be able to guide you on the matter in more detail.

•  Qualities of an effective dental implant material.
•  Strong
•  Doesn’t fall prey to cavities
•  Biocompatible
•  Durable
•  Resistant to wear-and-tear
•  Non-irritant
•  Aesthetic
•  Long-lasting
•  Does not corrode

Types of Dental Implant Materials

Titanium is one of the most common materials used for an implant restoration procedure. They can be implanted into the bone with great ease. The titanium metal permits the bone to take its space when expanding. This allows adaptability and a secure environment for healing. Titanium is also biocompatible because it adjusts to the body’s state. With easy implantation during the procedure, titanium allows for comfort to reign supreme.

Zirconia is also a preferred choice for dental implants because of its high adaptability rate. Zirconia is adaptable in terms of its atmosphere. It does not make way for any chemical reactions to take place. In medical terms, migration is also not a possibility which is an added benefit because this assures the implant will not move from its position.

Titanium may be a preferred choice over zirconia because of its strength, but zirconia provides a greater advantage with its adaptive quality. You can also consider porcelain. Porcelain is stain-resistant, so if you drink tea or coffee, you don’t have to worry because stains won’t rub off on your implant very easily.

Additionally, porcelain provides added benefits because it reduces sensitivity in your nerves. It is also incredibly long-lasting, estimated at least 15 years. Porcelain is also a comfortable choice because it can be molded according to your mouth and fit the shape of your jaw.


Your choice of dental implant material rests heavily on your comfort, the state of your jaw, and the priority of dental care. Dr. Ruchlin and will work with you personally and explain the pros and cons of each material depending on your condition. They will suggest the best option for you.

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Dental Implant Materials • Dentist Rochester
Dr. Ruchlin and at Stephen L Ruchlin DDS will be able to guide you about what dental implant materials would be best for you. Click here to learn more!
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