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Veneers vs Dental Crowns

Veneers and dental crowns can both aesthetically improve your teeth and smile. However, while veneers are mostly used for cosmetic dentistry with some protective elements, dental crowns are so much more. They go on top of the damaged tooth to make it easier for you to chew and talk, as well as restore the look and shape of the tooth.

At Stephen L Ruchlin DDS, Dr. Ruchlin and can recommend what would be the more suitable option for you based on your dental needs.

Types of Dental Crowns

When placing dental crowns, you should know that they are made from different materials. Any material you pick will have its own advantages and disadvantages. After gauging your dental situation, the dentist will recommend the one that best fits your needs.

The types of dental crowns include:
•  Porcelain - Porcelain crowns look quite realistic, perfect for the teeth in the front.
•  Stainless steel - Stainless steel crowns are great at protecting the tooth until your permanent replacement is available. They are designed to stop germs, decay, and harmful bacteria from hurting the treatment spot of the tooth.
•  Gold - Gold crowns are quite rare, but they are still used to restore the molars.
•  Titanium - Titanium prevents decay and is known to be sturdy. They are long-lasting but the costliest option here.
•  Metal - Metal crowns prevent decay and are quite strong. But they cost a lot.
•  Metal-Porcelain Hybrids - Metal-porcelain hybrids are used to combine the porcelain’s realistic look and toughness of titanium. They can improve the appearance of the teeth as well as their durability.
•  Resin - Resin is an affordable option but has been mostly replaced by titanium and porcelain.
•  Ceramic - There are many benefits of ceramic crowns, like added durability and convenience. They are also quite realistic-looking, offering aesthetic smiles.
•  Temporary crowns - Some dentists will install temporary crowns until your permanent ones are designed and delivered. They can be used for two weeks and are made with acrylic metals. You should still eat a little careful to stop them from loosening.

What Are Same Day Crowns?

Same-day crowns are manufactured and put in as a dental implant in just one dental visit. They are made with CAD/CAM technology; the digitally designed custom dental crown can be made quickly. It can save your teeth if you are in a tight situation.

Since temporary crowns are more prone to coming loose, they might cause harm to the other teeth of the gumline. Hence, same-day crowns are intended to reduce their use. You don’t even need that much drilling to preserve the natural structure of the tooth.

Get Your Appointment for Dental Crowns Now

At Stephen L Ruchlin DDS, Dr. Ruchlin and offer high-quality dental services that can save your teeth and smile. We have the best in technology and premium materials that you should take advantage of. You can call (585) 427-7820 to book your appointment.
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